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ButterBurr's 30 year history!

What was once a mere small town establishment has now become a booming business and family legacy. 

It was thirty years ago this February that our parents, Kelly and Sheryl Talbot, opened the doors to their new business and welcomed Pocatello to share their dream in making a diner where all would be welcome. 

Many that wander through here wonder where the name ButterBurr’s came from.  Our father has always been fond of literature and embellished much of his youth with his nose stuck in a book.  He used to tell us of the days when he would be out in his parents field laboring the tractor with a book propped up in front of him (he would then elaborate on all of the things that he ran into because he was paying more attention to his book and less attention to what was in front of him).  I know this had to have taken place because even as a small child I remember him trying to read and drive at the same time.  It was this love for stories that led Kelly to read J.R. Tolkien’s trilogy, The Lord of the Rings, and it was in that very trilogy that Barliman ButterBurr was discovered.  Though Barliman plays a very small part in this narrative, he left a big impression on dad.  This hobbit was an inn keeper in the small village of Bree and as dad tells the story, Barliman could only remember his name because people were always hollering it at him.  Odd as it is, that is how ButterBurr’s got its name. 

After borrowing twenty dollars to change the locks on the doors and being told over and over again that they would never make it, Kelly and Sheryl have beat the odds and yielded a thriving business.  When it was in its infancy, many of the employees, including Sheryl and Kelly, worked day and night to keep the place going.  While mom was busy running the front of the store, and juggling five small children, dad would keep track of the books and fix up rickety old homes in order to make money to put into the business.  Sheryl’s love for humanity is one of the reasons we feel that ButterBurr’s has been so successful. 

At the end of the day when most would be out of time and energy; mom did everything that she could to give back to the community.  She has been a volunteer for CASA (an outreach program for children) for over fifteen years.  The success of ButterBurr’s can be measured not just by the hard work of our parents but also by the many people who have attributed to the business and all of its counterparts; by this I mean the many individuals who worked to create the recipes, the proud owners of the building who didn’t ask for rent during the hard months when our parents didn’t earn enough to pay it, the smiling faces that welcome all of you through the doors each day.  It is because of all of these people that our doors are still open today.  


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